March 31, 2023

Sun Trust Student Loan

Why Get a Sun Trust Student Loan

Sun Trust Student Loan can build a bridge that will cover the cost of an education when other traditional methods just aren’t enough. Students who wish a good eduction are finding that the costs have more than doubled recently yet a good education is more important than ever to finding employment. It is a fact that the price of a higher education has risen to levels never before seen. In fact, without a student loan, most Americans can’t afford a college education.

What Does Sun Trust Student Loan Offer

The Sun Trust Student Loan has, over recent years, been able to offer a great deal more options in the form of more loan companies through the Federal Government and private sectors. Sun Trust Student Loan has also become popular as a way to reduce short term debt in order to cover the cost of an person’s individual participation loan. If there is a form of a more solid connection that is needed to cover the gap between how much is involved in the cost of college and how much is needed to cover that cost then a Sun Trust Student Loan should by all means be considered.

What About Interest Fees on the Sun Trust Student Loan

The interest fees on the Sun Trust Student Loan are very reasonable. In fact, students need to take a really long look at low interest costs as a higher interest cost may be more expensive. The interest rates on the Sun Trust Student Loan are an attractive 4%.

Are There Graduation Rewards on the Sun Trust Student Loan

This is where things get exciting! The Academic Answer Loan has a great graduation rewards program in place.Upon the student’s graduation, the principal reduction per loan is 2% ! This is very helpful for the graduate student. There is also a deferred payment plan with no payment until graduation. Also there are no fees as well as a competitive interest rate. A six month grace period helps the student who is seeking employment directly after graduation.

Is There Another Kind of Sun Trust Student Loan

Yes! If there is still a financial gap in monies needed for school, Sun Trust also has the certified private student loan program, Academic Answer. This Sun Trust Student Loan program helps greatly with the cost of tuition, books, computers and more. Although a FASFA is recommended, it is not a requirement for this Sun Trust Student Loan program. For either the undergraduate or graduate student that is enrolled at least in a half time curriculum the Academic Answer Loan program is the best solution for consideration to help offset the costs of higher education.

Is the Custom Choice Loan Also a Sun Trust Student Loan

Yes it is and it offers a fixed or variable rate which is the customer’s choice. With this Sun Trust Student Loan program fees may apply depending on the customer’s credit rating. Upon graduation the principal reduction per loan 1%.